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Architectural Shingles

We ensure the use of high-quality products and always provide details to our customers.  There is a large variety of products to match every homeowner’s preferences and requirements. We help you understand what it is we do and advise you as to which roofing material will be appropriate for your home. For instance, each type has a difference in the manufacturer, the level of quality, various features, along with overall design.

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Why metal roofing should be your #1 choice?

  • Longevity – it can last anywhere between 40 years to a lifetime.

  • Energy Efficient – it reflects solar radiant heat, essentially lowering your cooling costs about 10-40%.

  • Safe – it won’t ignite into a fire in the case of lightning and is classified with Class A fire rating.

  • Environmentally friendly – 25-95% recycled material goes into manufacturing it and it is 100% recyclable.

  • Durable – it can sustain extremely high-speed winds and some.

  • Weight – it is lighter in weight than other types of roofs, like asphalt shingles.

  • Interlocking design – adds a prestigious look with hidden fasteners and keeps it virtually maintenance-free.

  • Home value – increases the value of your overall home through the product’s beauty and quality.


Other Metal Shingle Manufacturers We Work With

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Architectural Shingles

Each type of shingle we offer has a difference in the manufacturer, the level of quality, various features, along with overall design.


What's our number one recommendation? CertainTeed! They offer the best warranties and architectural shingles in the industry!

We are also CertainTeed Certified Shingle Masters, meaning we can offer superior warranties compared to other companies. Call or email us today to hear about your options. 


Architectural Shingle Manufacturers We Work With 

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