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Frequently Asked Questioned About Roofing

  • How will my property be protected?
    Our crew cares about your property and really treats it like it is our own. We always advise our clients to move valuable items like furniture inside or maybe in a garage. We also ensure that cleanliness is maintained, as we leave the property just as we found it!
  • How much will it cost?
    The pricing of your roof depends on many factors such as, products, size, and warrenty selection. Call today for a FREE Quote!
  • How long do metal roofs last?
    Metal roofs are such high quality products, that they can last up to the lifetime of the house itself. The paint on the roof may be warrantied for over 40 years, but the actual roof itself will last an extremely long time!
  • Will a metal roof be too heavy for my home?
    Steel products are up to 50% lighter in weight than an asphalt shingle roof! There will be no weight issues.
  • Can a metal roof be installed over my current roof?
    Yes, metal roofing can definitely be installed over top of your current asphalt or fiberglass roof, as it will not create any overloading issues.
  • Will metal roofing affect my home insurance costs?
    Many insurance companies such as StateFarm offer a certain percentage discount off your home insurance costs if you have a metal roof installed on your home. Please contact your insurance company to find further details.
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